Aggressive Retsuko!!!


By Kendall McLeod
Picture: Retsuko deals with the same issues we all do
and she responds in ways that show we are not alone in our strain (photo by Sanrio)

Japan has a new hardworking, beer-swilling, heavy-death metal singing role model! From the creators of “Hello Kitty!” comes a new character, dedicated to those of us who put on a calm face whilst screaming inside our heads.

Starring in a series of animated shorts, Retsuko is an adorable red panda living in urban Japan. She works in a high end trading company in the financial department. She always works hard, does her best and puts her best foot forward in preparation for tomorrow, but that doesn’t stop her coworkers from grating on her last nerves. With harsh bosses, unrealistic deadlines and the standard stress of the hustle and bustle of adult life, Retsuko is often tense and frustrated.

So how does this sweet, diligent pushover respond? By going to the local karaoke bar and singing hardcore metal in an almost demonic voice!

When pushed to her total limit by the various situations around her, Retsuko will break out in a loud, harsh bout of KISS worthy metal Rock! (Inside her head of course)

“Retsuko” has grown in popularity progressively within the last couple of months. Represented as a realistic character with realistic issues and coping mechanisms, Retsuko has become a paragon to the stressed businessperson. According to her creator, known simply as “Yeti”, she was created to tell of the struggles of the common white-collar worker. Retsuko demonstrates the many problems we all face in a humorous and relatable way. Have you ever had a friend who constantly pawns off their work to you? Have you ever had to deal with people who constantly poke their noses into your business? Ever sat in line waiting patiently for the person in front of you to finish, only to have them start all over? Retsuko has, and she is just as angry over it as you.

Retsuko has several animated shorts with subtitles on the Crunchyroll streaming website with English subtitles and they are made available sporadically. The character has established a broad fan base and may look to receiving the same love and affection as her predecessor.


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