A New Addition to The Pride Family

By Griffen Riley
Lauren Brewer. Photo courtesy of Greensboro.edu.

This previous summer, Greensboro College hired Lauren Brewer as the new reference and instruction librarian. I met with her to find out a little more about our new addition to the Pride family.
Brewer was born and raised in Winston- Salem, attending Robert B. Glenn High School in Kernersville. She previously worked at Rowan Cabbarus Community College in Salisbury for a little over a year.
She received her bachelors in Women and Gender Studies from UNCG before going on to get her masters in Library and Information Studies from UNCG as well.
Brewer first decided to become a librarian after spending some time working at the library while in college.
“I was working in a library at the time and once I found out more information about the field from a professor, I decided it was something I wanted to pursue as a career.”
In her free time she loves to hike the local trails in Greensboro and Durham. She also loves to read true crime novels.
She loves being a librarian and had this to recommend to anyone thinking about becoming a librarian, “My advice to someone interested in being a librarian is to just talk to your librarians and be helpful. The library field is really competitive so experience is a huge factor. You don’t need a specific bachelor’s degree to pursue a master’s degree in library and information studies so a ton of schools offer it. I would encourage anyone interested in the field to come see me in the library.”
The James Addison Jones Library is open 85.5 hours per week during the academic year with extended hours during final exam periods. If you are interested in becoming a librarian or would like more information on how to get involved, email Brewer at lauren.brewer@greensboro.edu.

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