Neewollah is Back!

By Email Lewis

For those new to campus, Neewollah (Halloween spelled backwards) might sound like a weird term. However, for the children at the Boys and Girls club and elsewhere in the community, it is something they look forward to every year. This is an alternative trick-or-treating activity held on the Greensboro College campus each year. Students can register their dorm room as available for the kids to visit while trick-or-treating. The sign-up sheet will be provided ahead of time in the dorms such as Greensboro Hall and Hill Hall. The candy is even offered for free for the students to hand out. In addition to this, there is also a carnival that the kids can attend on back campus. The carnival is made up of stations where the kids can win treats and prizes.

The activity is in relation to Greensboro College’s own Village 401 run by Robert Brewer on campus. The program encourages as many people as possible to participate. The more people, the longer and more fun the event can be. The program also needs volunteers for the carnival to help run the stations. It only lasts an hour or two, so any time that people can help is appreciated. There is no official date or time that is set yet. This is a safe and fun way for the college to help out and contribute to the community, and a fun annual outlet for the kids.

Why does Village 401 do this? Jennifer Allen who works with the club says, “I enjoy seeing kids having fun while being safe.”

For some children it may be their only chance to go trick-or-treating, so come help out and make it a good day for the kids.

If you are interested in helping, contact Jenn Allen ( or Kathryn Stevens ( for more information about Neewollah and Village 401. Give the kids something to remember this upcoming Halloween!

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