We Carried Kevan, Now Can We Carry Others?

By Emily Lewis
Luke Thompson, Kevan Chandler and Philip Keller, (left to right) answer questions after
the viewing. Photo courtesy of Michelle Hines

On September 17, Chandler and two of the friends who carried him – including Greensboro College alumni Philip Keller – visited Greensboro College to host a screening and discussion of the documentary that came out of his journey. The movie, titled “We Carry Kevan,” focuses on Chandler and his friends’ experiences as they traveled through Europe.

During the discussion that followed the film, Chandler was asked many times about his various views on disability issues and advocacy. In one of his final statements, Chandler was asked about what he wanted others to “get” from the movie and Chandler summarized his view.

“Yes, I am disabled. People know that and I know that. There is no reason to try and pretend like it isn’t true, but that shouldn’t be the end of me … I am a lot of other things, and I hope our trip shows people that and gives other disabled people the chance to see the world as I did.”

Chandler, in addition to releasing his documentary about the trip, just recently released a book about the experience and began a nonprofit. Chandler hopes to use his nonprofit to explore new and innovative methods and products that can help to enable individuals with physical disabilities. He has already begun working with a German company to design a backpack based on the one that he used during his travels that will be specifically designed for carrying disabled individuals.


The original backpack Kevan Chandler was
carried in. Photo courtesy of Michelle Hines

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