German Student Engages in Study Abroad Opportunity at Greensboro College

By Keeley Catarineau
Paulina Frank. Courtesy of Paulina Frank.

Paulina Frank, a foreign exchange student from Germany, is attending Greensboro College this fall semester. Frank usually lives near Stuttgart, which is a city in the southern part of Germany, and studies at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg, but this fall she is living and learning at Greensboro College.

“Back home, I live in quite a small village, so it is very different to live in a city,” Frank said. “I am not used to driving everywhere. Back home, we usually don’t drive to places within the village, but walk or go by bike.”

Even though Greensboro, N.C., varies so much from Frank’s home, she has grown fond of the city and of Greensboro College.

“I really like Greensboro, the campus and city are beautiful and everybody is so friendly and welcoming,” Frank said. “Greensboro College actually wasn’t my first choice, but I am glad that I got to go here because I like the small campus and classes.”

Along with the significant differences between Frank’s home in Germany and Greensboro College, such as language, there are also small differences that stand out.

“People randomly ask you how you are doing here on the street, even though you don’t know who they are and have never seen them before,” Frank said. “In Germany, you mostly just smile at someone, but usually you don’t greet strangers at all.”

While it may be strange for Frank to have to adjust to all these new experiences, Georgieann Bogdan, a study-abroad advisor at Greensboro College, believes it will stand to benefit her in the long run.

“I believe to be an educated citizen today requires students to be able to see the world through others’ eyes,” said Bogdan. “In order to understand the world issues we confront we must look outside of our own culture. The skills needed to be an informed citizen are enhanced by an education abroad experience.”

If any Greensboro College students are interested in studying abroad in the future, they should contact Bogdan for more information. She can be reached by email at Cathryn Bennett, Director of International Programs at Greensboro College, can also be reached for more information on study-abroad programs at

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