Earthquake Disaster in Mexico City

A building demolished by the earthquake in Mexico City. Photo courtesy of Fox News
by Alan Yael Y. Compean

On September 19, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico City, killing more than 230 people. This was not the only earthquake to have hit the city. In 1985, an earthquake hit Mexico City with a magnitude of 8.1 that killed at least 10,000 people.

Due to the latest earthquake, elementary schools collapsed capturing children under the debris. According to Fox News, at least 25 bodies were recovered from the school of Enrique Rebsamen –all but four victims were children. The remaining survivors were rescued by rescue dogs and firemen. Celebrities such as Diego Luna, Ben Stiller and many others are trying to help by volunteering and providing food and shelter to those in need.

President Donald Trump tweeted out, “God bless the people of Mexico City. We are with you and will be there for you.” According to the Los Angeles Times, a USAID team, requested by the Mexican government, will conduct damage assessments, search for victims and coordinate with local authorities. The Angel of Independence, which is located in central Mexico City, has not been damaged due to its resilient structure and material. This angel represents a Mexican symbol of freedom and liberty.

Currently, Mexico City is still covered in ruins. Day by day, the people of Mexico are still cleaning, repairing damages and looking for victims who are still waiting to be rescued. Organizations such as the Red Cross are still working hard to help the people and the city. Although some assistance is being provided, the damage is monumental and food and supplies are still needed.

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