Cans Across Conference

By Scotty McGuire

For the past several years, all of the institutions in USA South have participated in Cans Across Conference. The event was started up by the USA South Athletic Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) back in 2004. Each SAAC committee on campus has to come up with certain ways to collect cans. The school collects as many cans as possible in an effort to raise awareness and food for the charity of their choice. Some schools have gotten very creative in raising cans.

Greensboro College has been successful in past Cans Across Conferences. Since the event began, we have placed first in 2005 and 2007, collecting a total of 3,863 cans in ’05 and 4,740 in ‘07. Greensboro placed second in 2009 and 2006. The charity they chose to donate to was the Greensboro Urban Ministry. This group provides crisis intervention and emergency services to those in need. Their website states, “Our mission is to express the love of God to people in need through practical action in the Greater Greensboro area.” Last year our own Greensboro College held a makeshift Super Bowl calling it “Soup Bowl”. Students and fans would bring cans to the Soup Bowl in support for not only their school, but also for a great cause.

This year, individual teams on campus are collecting cans and the team with the most cans wins a prize at the end of the competition. If anyone wants to donate and support the Greensboro Urban Ministry, you can give your cans to your favorite team to help them win. Greensboro College needs your help to become the 2017 Cans Across Campus champions so go out and donate those cans people! Go Pride!

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