Player Profile on Senior Volleyball Player Shayla Moss

Photo courtesy of Wes Gullett
By Laine Walston

The Collegian was lucky enough to speak with a senior on the volleyball team. Shayla Moss has been apart of the Greensboro College Volleyball team since her freshman year. The team has just started their season and are currently at seven wins and only four losses.

With this being Moss’s senior season, I asked her how the season has looked so far and if it has met her expectations. She replied by saying, “I am very impressed by how my team has performed this far. We’ve beaten some big teams and definitely have proved ourselves to be a threat in the conference finals. Even though it just started, this has been my most promising season with the program.”

They just recently hired a new head coach last year and, with this being her first season as official head coach, I asked Shayla how Coach Kathy Bullock has helped improve the team. Shayla said, “My coach has changed my whole perspective. She has opened my eyes to how volleyball is connected to all aspects of life. She is pushing me and my teammates to a level of potential that I never thought the program could reach and shaping us all to be leaders in our own ways.” With that being said, I asked her if she had any advice to incoming freshmen that have been recruited to play volleyball at Greensboro College. Shayla said she would tell them, “Be ready to come in and work. Nothing is given to you, and you have to earn everything.”

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