Nightlife in Downtown Greensboro

The bright yellow lights stating “The Zone”  lights up the whole sidewalk. The small brick building seems to always catch my attention riding through Downtown Greensboro.

‘The Zone Sports bar and Grill’ located on 221 South Elm St in Downtown Greensboro just two to three blocks away from Greensboro College The Zone is full-service sports bar; it offers a variety of food such as wings, salads, burgers, and etc. They are open Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30am to 2am.

You are probably thinking this is an ordinary bar just like every other bar, but however every Wednesday night The Zone caters to the local colleges students by having ‘College Night’. Personally, this is my favorite night because if you are at least 18 you can still enter. Only thing is you cannot drink if you are not 21. However, you are more than welcomed to smoking hookah. Not only does The Zones offers $1 drinks and $20 hookahs on this night but also on Wednesday’s The Zone has buy one item and get one-half price for all menu items. As heard the deals that the bar has to offer on this night  I could not believe it until I realized the atmosphere was less of a club/party more of a lounge.

So If you are looking for a more club atmosphere this is not the place for you. The atmosphere is actually a sociable casual environment that’s inexpensive to get in on certain nights and a place where you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

I cannot forget about my sports fans, they offer everything you need as well. For my UFC/ MMA fans, the sports bar also offers UFC / MMA fighting. If you are looking for a relaxed and safe environment for you and your friends to go this place is for you.

The downfall is Wednesday’s are in the middle of the week, as a college student myself I understand if it is inconvenient, who wants to party on a Wednesday? So, if Wednesday does not fit into your schedule you are always welcomed Friday or Saturday as well. The nightlife would still be the same.

By Ashley Dennis

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