GC theatre’s spring season is “Starting Here, Starting Now”


The theatre department put up its first show of the spring semester, “Starting Here, Starting Now,” on Jan. 25. The show ran for four performances in the Parlor Theatre. The show was the second musical of the Greensboro College theatre 2018-
2019 season. Having more than one musical per academic year is not typical of the department, but this year they decided to add an additional musical to their season.
“With the growth within the musical theatre concentration, the faculty decided
that two musicals, one a straight book musical and the other a revue-type show, were needed,” said the director of the show and musical theatre professor WM. Perry Morgan.
The students involved with the production appreciate the incorporation of two musicals as well. Sophomore Lindsey Mead regarded this show as, “something to look forward to in the second semester.”
She continued by acknowledging the differences between this show and “Mammia
Mia!,” last semester’s musical. Mead contrasted the two by mentioning that “it’s really interesting that it’s been two different styles of shows. ‘Mamma Mia!’ is all from one artistic group and it’s all very disco style, heavily pop-influenced and this is more concert style. It’s just more fun, and in a way, it’s more realistic.”
There is only one senior involved in this production and Allie Cipoletti had some kind and bittersweet words about her final production with the department.  “It’s sad, but I’m ready to move on to different things,” she said. “I’m not really a sentimental person, but GC has taught me everything that I know and I am forever grateful for that. No matter how far I go, and no matter what I do, I will always thank GC for everything I know.” Cipoletti also mentioned this musical’s influence on her, beginning her freshman year at Greensboro College.  “The special thing about this production is that the very first vocal rep I went to, Brad [an alumnus also involved in the production] sang ‘I Don’t Remember
Christmas,’ and that’s when I first heard this show, my very first vocal rep, and now it’s my last show, so full circle.”  All of the other cast members involved were very proud of their production. The show consisted of six actors who moved around the all-black set and created various pictures in the space. The central staging element was a piano that was positioned in the middle of the stage for the actors to interact with. The six of them filled the space, created interesting visuals and kept their audience engaged for the entirety of their production. Each member of the cast has their own solo songs to take the stage for themselves, but the most beautiful moments were those when they were all
singing together.  Sophomore Hannah Hjerth described the concept of the show as “a late ‘60s, early ‘70s variety show, but as a cabaret.
And we’re all just here telling stories, different views about different relationships, healthy and not.”  Everyone involved in the production
told stories of love, stories of frustration and stories that everyone in the audience
could connect to.
“Starting Here, Starting Now” was a wonderful beginning for the latter half of
this Greensboro College theatre season.

Article by Josie Gold

Photo courtesy of Charles Cruz

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