Some lessons learned in 2018

While we know it is a little late in the season to get into the retrospective game, we at The Collegian still wanted to take a second to share some of the lessons we tried to learn, fought to take to heart and even outright ignored over this last year.
· The campus groundhogs will never let you approach
them … no matter how many times you try and get their
· Save your documents more than you think you should …especially when on library computers.
· It never hurts to talk it out with a counselor or therapist.
· Just because it is free does not mean you need it.
(Looking at you, curbside sofa and promotional water bottle
· The heating and air in a dorm room will always leave much to be desired.
· Always allow time for the library to be busy when you need to print something between classes.
· Never judge your class load based on the first week of classes.
· No matter how good the cafeteria food gets, you will still hate going there at some point during the semester.
· Check the washers and dryers on campus more frequently than you think you need to or else you will lose all your socks.
· Administration can and will send out multiple emails about “concrete improvements” throughout the year, but you should still never expect the potholes on back campus to be filled.
· Cs really do get degrees and sometimes that just has to be OK … even if the PEAK staff hates it.
· If you act like you belong, you can always just do work at other colleges’ libraries when ours is closed.
· Professors can see the last time you logged onto their Moodle class.
· Parking behind Hill and Greensboro Hall is only going to get more competitive.
· Even though the endless movie nights and once-a-semester bingo games may have lost their charm, there is always something fun going on somewhere in Greensboro.

Article by Adelaide Elliott and Gwyneth Navey

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