Greensboro College recognizes Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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The campus of Greensboro College was closed on Monday, Jan. 21, for the recognition and honoring of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The holiday was celebrated across the city and surrounding cities with parades, business closings and speaking that involved some of his writings and talks of his works.  For Greensboro College, many events were available to students but classes were cancelled across campus. Martin Luther King Day has not always been an observed holiday for the college. This year, Village 401 organized an event on campus to promote the holiday and its significance.  Village 401 held a remembrance service at 11 a.m. in the Lea Center of the Main Building. Students were welcome to hear the reading of “A letter from Birmingham Jail,” a letter that King wrote while imprisoned in Birmingham Jailhouse after being arrested for nonviolent demonstrations against segregation. The students were encouraged to contribute to a canned food drive, which later diverted into a canstacking competition between teams of students. The teams with the best can-stacking designs and most donated food items were eligible for prizes.  Greensboro celebrated as well, as students, schools, businesses and others participated in a parade across town in honor of King. More than 105 groups took part in this celebration. A ribbon cutting was held on the Downtown Greenway at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The ribbon cutting revealed the refurbished Martin Luther King Jr. sculpture. Local artist Jim Gallucci touched up the work of Wilbur Mapp. The piece is now available to visit. The city assured the remembrance of King and his works to rid the nation of segregation and ensure rights for people of color.

Article by Grayce Goins

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