Golden Age music lights up the GC stage

The theatre department will begin their season with the musical revue “Babes in Hollywood.” This show details the life and songs of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. Both of these performers are essential to the history of musical theatre, and their music itself equals, if not surpasses, this great level of importance.

“This show is full of feel-good music, and audience members should come expecting to tap their toes!” said Professor Susan Young, music director of the show. This is a piece full of music and dance that paints a picture of the Golden Age era. Professor Perry Morgan-Hall is the director of the show. He detailed what this show is intended to be and why it is so important.

“I want the audience to know we here at Greensboro College and the musical theatre program care about helping to preserve this music,” said Morgan-Hall. “I want the audience to know that we care about history, that we care about good music, that we know about the ‘Great American Songbook,’ and that they might recognize many of these songs. They come from a time when there were only three television channels, and they tuned out at night.

“This music was the entertainment. These songs were the popular songs were in the movies that people went to see. These songs hold memories for your family members. They were the songs we sang together in the car, around the table, at a party … history.”

This show consists of a six- member cast. Junior acting major Jelani Bell described his experience as a part of this production.

I really like how challenging this show has been for me,” Bell said. “It’s been a humbling expe- rience to be an acting major in a room full of really talented musical theatre majors and, of course, I love to dance.”

“The movies Mickey and Judy made together were musicals, so there was plenty of dancing,” said Professor Ashley Hyers, the choreographer of the show. “We are honoring that part of their legacy with tap dancing, waltzing and Vaudeville numbers. Their movies and songs are iconic examples of American entertainment.”

“My favorite part about being in this production is getting to tell the story of a woman I’ve looked up to my entire life,” said Brittany Corne, a junior musical theatre major performing in the show. “I love getting to sing and dance to these classic songs that really represent the golden days of musical theatre and helped to pave the road to what musical theatre has become today!”

“Babes in Hollywood” tells the story of two icons through their music. The stories of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland are told in a variety of songs that create a beautiful picture of their relationship with each other, their music, and the audience.

“The show will have four performances in the Parlor Theatre in Main Building. Tickets are free for Greensboro College students with their student ID and $10 for members of the community.

Performances will be Sept. 27-28 at 7:30 p.m. and Sept. 28-29 at 2 p.m. Come and see this classic music come to life.

The cast of “Babes in Hollywood.”

Photos courtesy of the Greensboro College Theatre Department.

By Josie Gold

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