9/11 memorial

Greensboro College’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter held a memorial as part of the nationwide 9/11: Never Forget Project in commemoration of the victims of the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. The event was held at 9:11 a.m. in front of Main Building on Greensboro College’s campus where students and faculty gathered for a moment of silence.

YAF members Ethan Wilson, Brent Omar and Thomas Atwell set up 300 flags on front campus of Greensboro College. These flags were provided and funded by Greensboro College’s SGA who recognized the chapter this fall semester after YAF recruited the required number of members to form a club. They are now up to 13 total Greensboro College members with Thomas Atwell as their chapter chairman, George Knight as vice-chairman and Tess Purdue as treasurer. YAF is committed to advocating for students with conservative views and values across campus and giving them a platform to voice their opinions.

The YAF foundation began the Never Forget Project in 2003 and since then over 200 schools nationwide have joined this tradition by putting up flags on their campuses. Originally Greensboro College’s YAF chapter wanted to put up 3,000 flags, inspired by the large numbers of flags put up in large universities also participating, but realized 300 was a more realistic number for the small campus.

For Thomas Atwell, a history major at Greensboro College, this event was very important as it not only was the first school- wide YAF event but according to Atwell, “reminds us of our goals as Americans to never forget the biggest attack on America and how unified it made us after.”

Thomas Atwell, chairman of YAF, junior, putting up American flags for the 9/11 memorial.

By Cristy Samano-Romo

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