Tonin’ creators give ProfTalk

The Students Honors Organization (SHO) hosted the first ProfTalk of the fall 2019 semester, presented by Robert Brewer, Ashley Hyers and Perry Morgan-Hall. Brewer is campus chaplain and assistant professor of religion, Hyers is an assistant professor of theatre and dance and Morgan-Hall is an associate professor of theatre. They all spoke about the “Tonin’” series that the department has hosted for three years.

Morgan-Hall explained that he always has a visualization of what he wants his productions to be like, even though sometimes it is not possible to achieve everything. For example, he wanted a waterfall in the middle of the stage for “Tonin’.” Brewer and Hyers already knew that was not going to happen, but Hall made it possible by instructing the actors to use a handkerchief and drop it onto the stage to symbolize a waterfall instead.

Hyers expressed her admiration for the “Tonin’” series, as it used dance to communicate a story to the audience without words, though it was sometimes difficult to match choreography to Hall’s brilliant direction. Hyers explained that she and Brewer choreographed all of the dance variations themselves, and that that they had to make sure that it would be safe for students to execute on their own.

Students are encouraged to attend ProfTalks, as the events provide new perspectives on education and art through professors’ lenses. Opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback are given to students at the end of the session.

The next ProfTalk will be hosted by father-daughter duo Dr. Rich and Ms. Amanda Mayes on Nov. 14 at 12:15 p.m. in the Lea Center.

Robert Brewer, Ashley Hyers and Perry Morgan-Hall (back) sporting the “Tonin’” series’ signature tie-dye.

By Imaya Parks

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