SGA president plans to unite students

Chance Bryant, newly elected Student Government Association (SGA) president, plans to unite Greensboro College students through his position.

Bryant, a junior, has been involved with various campus life activities the past two years. He served as a resident advisor and is the catcher for the Greensboro College baseball team.

Bryant says his current goal for SGA is to enhance the feel of a community. To do so, he would like to have more student body involvement throughout the campus, including combining clubs’ involvement for campus events.

Bryant commented on how he plans, with SGA, to dissolve campus division between athletes and non-athletes and create more of a united community.

“The divide between athletes and non- athletes is caused by ourselves, but SGA has a mix of both athlete and non-athletes to ensure a balanced voice to represent the students,” Bryant said.

Chance Bryant, SGA president

By Ashley Hawkes

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