Changing of the guard in the honors program

Professor Neill Clegg plans to step down from his position as director of the George Center for Honors Studies, a position he has held for five years. Assistant professor of art and current assistant director Brittany Søndberg will become the new director while Clegg transitions to the assistant director position. Clegg and Søndberg plan for this change to occur at the start of the fall 2020 semester.

Clegg says that the honors program is undergoing a “changing of the guard” and that there will be no structural changes in the program, which centers around students writing theses by the time they graduate. Although Clegg will no longer be the program director, he still plans on teaching honors classes, which he has done since 1992, and teaching in the music department, which he has done since 1989 when he was first hired by Greensboro College. Clegg claims to have “too much fun” to fully retire.

Polly Anton was hired as the new honors program assistant. She still works closely with Clegg and his wife Victoria, former honors program assistant, with whom she is good friends.

Clegg hopes that future leaders of the honors program will continue to prioritize the student theses and preparing students for graduate school since many in the honors program plan to obtain higher degrees.

Søndberg says that her goals for the program, once she takes over, are “to include more independent research opportunities and possibly a more consistently funded and utilized study abroad program” as well as maintaining the academic rigor, the attendance of regional and national conferences, the support for students in multiple activities and the unique space of the honors house that the program currently offers.

Although the days of the Cleggs running the honors program are nearly over, their impact on the college will undoubtedly be felt by current and former students for years to come because of their gifts and their dedication.

Students in the George Center for Honors Studies, pictured above, have a new program assistant and will soon have a new director. Photo courtesy of Victoria Clegg

By Timothy Crowell

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