Pride swimming finish season at Liberty University for ODAC Championships

The men held their own against larger schools like Roanoke College and the University of Lynchburg. Spencer George, a freshman, led the men to two top-eight finishes, including a 50-yard free-style race with a time of 21.92 which earned him a sixth-place finish, and a 100-yard freestyle swim with a time of 48.23. Both of these times broke previous school records and made George competitive with top swimmers from bigger schools.

Ethan Wilson, a junior, also held his own, posting a time of 2:09.19 in the 200-yard back-stroke event and a smooth finish in the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 59.38, which are among his best times of the season. 

Alan Comoran beat his best times as well in the 50-and-100-yard freestyle events, with a disappointing disqualification in the 100-yard breast-stroke event.

Head coach Jim Sheridan stated that each of the swimmers did his or her best despite challenging differences in the meet due to COVID-19 restrictions. The swim team has now reached the end of the season and earned a two-week break from practice, after which off-season training will commence.

By Tess Perdue

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