Greensboro street art

Looking for something fun to do around town? How about pictures? All around downtown Greensboro, there are murals popping up everywhere. These murals are being drawn by artists from all over – some local and some inter- national.

Kotis Street Art is the name of the company that made it all happen. Kotis has been actively incorporating art into their projects since 2010 but started focusing on street art efforts in 2017. They now have over 100 murals around the city of Greensboro.

One day recently a friend and I were looking for COVID-friendly plans for the upcoming weekend. I had remembered the graffiti I had been seeing and suggested we check out a camera from the Global Communication Center here on campus. And we were off to take pictures. We walked to the first location, and started our adventure of exploring the street art. (Click here for an interactive map with all of the street art locations in and around Greensboro).

The murals are cool because they can work as a really good background in a photo from an outing with friends. We got some great shots of art done by so many of the artists who have been sponsored and supported through Kotis. We got a picture of artwork by Nils (the mural of the lady with the flowers in her hair), and Jeks (the bus with graffiti on the inside and out), as well as many more.

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