OK, so is the internet fixed yet?

If you have been on campus within the last semester, you know the internet has been an ongoing issue. We have all experienced the slow connection, no connection and, even sometimes, sporadic fast internet. The Greensboro College app stays busy and up to date with complaints about how bad the internet can be. It has been a rollercoaster for sure, but is there any hope for better Internet?

In an interview I had with Chance Bryant, a student who attended the General Assembly with new Chief IT Officer Chris Estes, I was able to learn about what the IT department plans to do to fix the internet for the future.

When Estes became the new Chief of IT at the beginning of the Spring 2021 semester, he set out to devise a year-long plan that would hopefully result in high-speed internet across campus. He wants faster internet, but that requires more bandwidth, which means more cable, which means more money. However, the issues do not stop there. Things like overuse of the internet by the college as a whole, outdated computers that are not running the most updated software and the major issue of student’s Pride Cards still not working are all issues that must be addressed before the internet can be fixed.

This does not mean we will not see faster internet at all, it just means the IT staff needs time to fix it. So be patient. The IT staff at Greensboro College are doing what they can to fix the problems that we have, but first, they need to solve some other issues along the way. It is a process, but in the end, I think we all will be happy with the results.

by Drew Rachunek

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