GC’s Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

by Taylor Cotie

On Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022, the Hannah Brown Finch Memorial Chapel was open to the public to induct some of Greensboro College’s best athletes, and a beloved coach, into the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame. At 9:15 a.m., the Finch Chapel filled with family and friends of the honorees as they witnessed this memorable moment for these individuals. The event ended with a tree dedication at the corner of Hanes Gymnasium to honor a coach who was well known at Greensboro College, Coach Randy Tuggle. Tuggle unfortunately lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in September of 2020.

The school’s Hall of Fame induction included: Brian Kreher ’98, baseball; Anthony Meley ’95, men’s lacrosse; Emma Philips ’12, swimming; Bianca Richburg ’13, women’s basketball; Randy Tuggle, a coach/administrator; and lastly, the 1998 baseball team.

The GC community in the Finch Chapel honoring the latest inductions to GC’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

The Greensboro College 1998 baseball team will forever be a part of the school’s history. In a 30-year span, this team was the only one to win a championship. Each player on the team was individually recognized for their hard work and dedication that led them to the championship win for Greensboro College.

One of the players on this team was sadly unable to be present for this moment. Robbie Monnett, who went by Rob, was a former pitcher, who unfortunately passed. He was represented by his parents, Jerry and Karon Monnett, during the event.

“This was well deserved,” said his mother, Karon Monnett, on what it meant to see the team recognized. “I just wish Robbie could have been there. He would have been so proud like we were.” She remembers the championship game.

“This was Robbie’s freshman year. Robbie pitched eight innings and did not give up a run until the 9th; Brian Kreher hit a home run,” Monnett said. “Coach Rash told the boys if they won, he would let them shave his head. They each took a turn with the razor.

“We think this was the first time they had beaten NC Wesleyan.”

The Greensboro College 1998 baseball team will forever be remembered for their big contribution to the athletic program at GC.

As most of you know, in 2020 Greensboro College lost a huge asset in Coach Randy Tuggle. He was a beloved coach and friend to so many at GC and beyond. He left a legacy that reached far beyond the campus grounds, and he was inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame on Saturday.

Tuggle joined the GC family in 2002, where he assisted his cousin, Jason Tuggle, with the women’s basketball program. In 2009, Randy took over the head coach position, and not long after, he was named Coach of the Year for D3Hoops.com. Sadly, in 2018, Randy and his family found out he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The coach battled cancer for two years until he passed in September of 2020. This was heartbreaking news for the entire GC community, who all loved Randy.

Lauren Childrey, Tuggle’s daughter, attended the event Saturday in honor of her father. Childrey was able to present his Hall of Fame plaque to her mother.

A picture of Randy Tuggle was shown as he was honored and inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

“I feel like that was such a very special honor for him to be inducted, and I think that the biggest thing for me is that he had such a big impact on this campus, and the students and the athletes that he worked with,” Childrey said. “For him to be inducted, it feels like a little piece of his legacy is going to be left here. It was just such a meaningful and such a special day to know that even though he is gone, he’s still a really big part of this campus, and will be for a long time.”

Tuggle was very outspoken about his battle with cancer, and this inspired the USA South Conference to begin a “Tuggle Strong” enterprise to share his story and to raise money for cancer research. He will always be remembered by the Greensboro College community.

The Greensboro College Athletic Hall of Fame was able to recognize the accomplishments of GC’s student-athletes and a coach who have made outstanding contributions to the school’s athletic department and teams.


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