Homecoming at Greensboro College

by Ashley Hawkes

Yeehaw! Homecoming has come and gone, now it’s time for a recap:

From September 19 to 24, Greensboro College hosted its annual homecoming festivities. This year’s western theme was celebrated with a plethora of activities. GC kicked off the week on Monday with an outdoor barbecue, games and even a mechanical bull that many of the students and staff took a ride on.

A GC student riding the mechanical bull.

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the Greensboro College women’s soccer team faced off against our rivals, the Guilford College Quakers, where there was a pre-game tailgate dinner.

Sept. 21 found students and staff happily participating in the lively annual Staff versus Students Kickball game, hosted on the Pride Field. Students and faculty all gathered to cheer on their team of choice. Outside the dining hall there were supplies for students to make blessing bags to help out the community.

On Thursday, there was a game show hosted called the “Roommate Game,” where students had the chance to win cash prizes through a fun, interactive game, and on Friday a bonfire was held on the volleyball pit to further celebrate the past and present students of Greensboro College.

GC students around the Friday bonfire.

Finally, Saturday, Sept. 24, Greensboro College football faced off against Maryville College, where during halftime Layton Helms was crowned Big Man on Campus and Jenna Endsley was crowned Queen of Greensboro College.

During this fun-filled week of homecoming, alumni events were also being held on campus, such as the gala celebrating the 100th year of Odell Memorial building. The gala that was hosted was open to both current students and staff as well as Greensboro College alumni. Attendees arrived in impeccable 1920s attire, in excellent accordance with the theme of the event. Current students and alumni alike put on several theatrical and musical performances for about an hour of the spirited evening.

Former GC alumni getting ready for a picture.

“My favorite part of the week was the gala because everyone dressed up nice, the performances were amazing and there were chocolates and champagne after!” says Rachel McGill, senior English Communications major.

GC students pictured at the gala.

Homecoming week was filled with all sorts of western fun where all of Greensboro College got to enjoy events and spend time with one another. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make this week possible for us to enjoy.


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