Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy

by Sarai Acosta

After 25 years of his career, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias made big strides on May 6 of this year, making history that night by becoming the first comic to perform at the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium, selling it out entirely. Partnering with Netflix, the show was recorded and debuted on the streaming service October 18.

Rated TV-MA and running nearly two hours long, the special starts with Fluffy’s best friend, Martin Moreno, being interviewed about their relationship, where he briefly reveals how the comic began, and then introducing Fluffy as he enters the stage, tears forming as the crowd chants his name. As soon as he hits the stage, the jokes begin. From talking about COVID19, cancel culture, his son and so much more.

I have been a fan of Fluffy for several years, and when I saw that his newest special was finally released, I was ecstatic. I was waiting for years for some new material, and especially some new stories, so as soon as I saw the special available, I watched it right then and there. The way he interacts with his audience, how he tells his stories, everything from his voice acting to Hispanic references, my laughter led me to tears. Some of the best things in the special is how he talks about his relationship with his dogs, Vinnie and Risa, who kept him together during the pandemic, and especially when he found out that there is such thing as a puppucino. Then, before the show ends, he reveals a story about a show many years ago, that if the tape of it was found, he would surely get cancelled for it. I implore
you to watch it for yourself, take a break and laugh. I know I related to some things, especially when it came to recalling the first year of the pandemic and growing up in a Latino family.

By the end of the show, Fluffy’s tears finally fall down his face and he thanks his audience, his fans, family, and all of those who supported him these past 25 years, because without them, he wouldn’t have been where he is today.

Photo source: “Creative Commons” Gabriel Iglesis, Coronado Theater, Rockford IL. by Bob Haarmans is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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