Meet Alex Trepper

by Diana Castro-Vazquez

Many of you may know Alex Trepper, a junior student athlete at Greensboro College. Once you talk with Alex, you will realize that he is involved in many more things than perhaps you initially realized.

Trepper was born and raised in Tampa, Fla., and came to North Carolina to play baseball for Greensboro College. He explains that he chose the school for a couple of reasons. He knew that he wanted to leave Tampa for college
in order to experience a new place, and when he came to visit North Carolina, he really liked the state and the city of Greensboro.

Additionally, he chose Greensboro College because of its size. Trepper explains that he learns and performs better academically in smaller settings, which is something that Greensboro College offers. Since GC is a smaller college, he knew it would be easy to get involved and have good relationships with faculty and staff.

Another reason he came to GC was for the baseball program. Trepper says that the baseball team has a lot of players that are from Tampa, including someone he went to school and played with in high school. He knew that even though he was going to be far away from home, he would not be alone, because they had already gone through school together. His favorite part about Greensboro College is that everyone knows each other and many people are athletes, making it easy to get along with everyone.

Alex Trepper in the baseball field (photo courtesy of AltaSky).

Trepper’s favorite part of North Carolina is the weather. Before Trepper came to North Carolina, he had never seen the leaves change color or experienced snow, because Florida does not have that type of weather. Even though he still struggles with the cold weather, he believes it is awesome. He also really loves the mountains that North Carolina has, which is something else he did not get to experience in Florida.

Trepper is a history and ECM double major with a minor in sports media. He explains that he chose these because he is a history buff and has always been good at writing. He enjoys sports and says that when he realized he might never be a pro athlete, he decided that sports writing was his way to continue to be around sports when his playing career finishes.

During this Fall 2022 semester, Trepper is taking two English classes and two history classes, since he has completed his general education classes already.

Trepper is a member of many clubs and organizations around campus. He is a member of “The Collegian,” SAAC, SGA and Kin Club, while also being a resident advisor. Trepper writes sports articles for “The Collegian” because that is what he wants to do for his profession. During his freshman year, Trepper was asked by Dr. Johns, paper’s faculty advisor, if it would be something he would be interested in doing, and after one meeting he was hooked.

He is also a member of SAAC because he believes that all athletes need and deserve to have a voice that will fight for them when it comes to rules and regulations the NCAA wants to implement or get rid of. He joined freshman year as the baseball team’s representative, because he wanted to get involved in something regarding athletics.

He started in SGA as the residence life representative and is now the student body president. He achieved this because he has many ideas to help better the school, and also through relationships he has built in the two and a half years he has been at Greensboro College. He believes he can actually get things done on campus to improve the day to day lives of students. He also joined Kin club for fun as they do cool projects and host fun events.

Trepper’s advice to people who want to be involved or want to improve our school is to talk to people. “The easiest way to find opportunities is to find a problem and see if anyone is doing anything about it. I have people almost every day now telling me about things wrong at our school, but what people never realize is change is easy to make if you talk to the right people. Build up relationships with your professors, advisors and pro staff
members and they will help guide you to clubs, groups or meetings where your ideas and thoughts can be heard.”


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