GC Music takes over Finch Chapel

by Xypher Pino

On February 28, Greensboro College’s music department hosted a small concert over at Hannah Brown Finch Memorial Chapel. There were two sessions – one starting at 11:30 AM and one starting at 7 PM. The woodwind ensemble and the brass ensemble performed at the day concert while the chamber singers, the chorale and the concert band performed in the evening.

It was an enjoyable and soothing experience to be a part of. You can easily get lost in your mind while listening to the music with how relaxing it was. Their performance was impressive – you could tell that each of them had years worth of experience and are absolute professionals at their craft. Musicians have my utmost respect – their line of work is extremely difficult and they have to put in lots of hours to be great at what they do. GC’s music department put on a show and certainly did not disappoint.

Without a doubt, you should definitely stop by and watch them perform at their next performance. They have six more performances left for this semester so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to attend one of their events – the next one will be on March 30 at the Odell building at 7:30 PM. After that, their next event will be on April 13 at Finch Chapel featuring an honors convocation at 12:30 PM. If you cannot make it to that, they will have a spring choral concert on April 16 also at Finch Chapel at 7:30 PM. On April 17, they will have a wind ensemble concert at 7:30 PM over at Odell building. Another concert will be held on April 18 with GC’s small ensemble performing. Finally, on April 20, the jazz ensemble will be performing with Adam Rapa who is a world-renowned trumpet artist.

At the very least, you should attend the event with Rapa performing alongside our GC musicians. Rapa is extremely talented – he has been playing professionally since thirteen and has won multiple awards over his 30-year long career. Rapa brings about a sense of excitement and enthusiasm with his music which certainly makes him stand out. He has been featured on many shows and has been invited to perform all over the world. You cannot miss out on his performance on April 20 here at GC so make sure you mark that date on your calendar.

Hopefully, you are excited as I am with these upcoming events by the music department. For all of these events, admissions are free and there is no registration needed. Simply come by, enjoy the event and appreciate great music.

Below are some photos of the band beautifully performing at the concert. Led by Dr. Jon Brotherton, music professor here at GC, they did an absolutely fantastic job.

Greensboro College’s music department performing at Finch Chapel.
Xuperior Harris, Brayden Gregory and Dr. John Brotherton (left to right)
Evan Raines (left) and Marvin Scruggs (right).
Ian Hsieh-Sills (left) and Michaela McIntyre (right)

All photos courtesy of Elizabeth Sharp.

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