Looking back

by Kattya Guardado

Being a first-generation college student has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It has come with a lot of late nights, hard work and dedication, but the experience has been amazing. One of the biggest advantages has been the independence I have gained. I have learned to believe in myself and rely on my decisions which could lead me to open doors or cause me to trip, but eventually get back up and learn from my mistakes.

Being a first-generation college student has not been easy, but I have had amazing professors that were there to make it so much easier. As a college student, one of the key ingredients to success are good professors who support you throughout your college career. Here, at Greensboro College, we have the honor to have excellent professors who have made my experience wonderful.

Ms. Green, you were the first person I met here at Greensboro College. You always took time out of your day to help me when I was struggling with a class; you found ways to lessen my struggles. You would always give me the best advice and were a mother figure to me when I was at school. You never forgot to tell me how proud you were of me every time you saw me around campus. Even though you were only my professor my freshman year, you never let our communication fall the remaining time I was there.

Dr. Eilbaum and Dr. Archibong – my two professors that believed in me when I did not. Both of these professors believed in me when I was at my lowest during college. They gave me second chances to be able to succeed in their class; they would give me one-on-one talks and would tell me where my mistake was so I could fix it and go on from there. They never left my side and were there for me till the end and I could never forget that or thank them enough.

Dr. Barbrey, having a professor with your standards has been one of the hardest yet the best college experiences ever. You have taught me to go above and beyond my standards and always think outside the box. You were the professor to teach me to always read my syllabus and always ask for help. You helped me learn many things I did not know about law enforcement and taught me about different positions law enforcement had. You always turned me back on the right track when my hard head would never understand what a “lit review” was.

Dr. Stroud and Dr. Johns, class never felt like class because you two always knew how to make class fun. You both were very caring and compassionate with the struggles and the everyday life of your students. The material taught in your classes was always understandable and elaboration was given if needed. Your classes are classes that I would recommend other students to take.

Professors that have the smallest gestures with you will always have a special place in your heart. You always remember what they did for you and how they treated you. My college experience would not have been the same without these amazing professors.

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