The Rivals

Denisha Ward and Lewis Elliot, photographed by Megan Lampron

The Rivals premiered this Thursday, February 17th in Huggins Auditorium. The performance is brought to us by the Greensboro College Theatre Department and is directed by Professor Jo Hall. In this 18th century comedy of manners, the story of two lovers, Lydia and Jack, is told along with a host of other characters brilliantly woven into a series of hilarious antics.

I had the pleasure of seeing this performance last Wednesday night. Thanks to the production team for allowing us to see the performance early and give it a review. If you have yet to see it, the production is still going on, February 19th-20th at 7:30pm and February 20th-21st at 2:00pm.

This production is especially unique in its ensemble approach. Each character has an important part to play, and the actor’s individual talents are each expressed in their roles. No role goes unnoticed and each character has a shining moment that brings out their unique talents. This ensemble works beautifully as a whole without getting lost in their individual moments, which takes a special group of actors to accomplish.

The costumes for the show, designed and constructed by Professor Marion Seaman with help from costume majors Amanda Carlson and Sarah Smith, are stunning. The color palette is beautifully distributed and the detailing of each piece is precise and definitely did not go unnoticed.

My only critique would be of the set. While it was beautifully done, it contains a lot of pieces that cause long scene changes. When the scenes are set, they are full of a lot of furniture pieces that are usually confined to one side of the stage, causing tight spaces for the actors that constrict their movements. If the set didn’t get in the way of the storytelling it would not have been an issue.

Overall it is clear that the department worked very hard on this production. As a regular viewer of the department’s productions, I appreciate the attention to detail that this group of performers, directors, stage managers, and technicians bring to each and every performance. If you have yet to see a theatre production at Greensboro College, you’re missing out!

Once The Rivals ends, the next performance from the Greensboro College Theatre Department will be Cradle Song, directed by Perry Morgan-Hall. It will be performed in the Annie Sellars Jordan Parlor Theater April 14-16th at 7:30pm and April 16th-17th at 2pm.



Amanda Owens is a Sociology major in her Junior year of her undergraduate degree at Greensboro College, and regularly contributes to the Collegian. You can contact her at if you have any questions about this article.



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