Wake Up and Pay Attention


(Photo taken by Chelsea Willis)

       On March 18 at 3 pm, something amazing took place in Campbell Lyceum- Dr. William K. MacReynolds spoke on behalf of the Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation Colloquium Series. His message- “What Does Economics Tell Us About Social Justice?”- was an interesting, relevant topic. Dr. MacReynolds made some shocking statements.

For instance, he mentioned that “the people that are feeding others are the same ones that are hurting them.” He showed how this phenomenon worked by examining the Montana milk law. This law simply states that after milk has been pasteurized, it has to be thrown away after 288 hours.  This law enables farmers to charge people more money for milk. Also, America does not import its sugar, which is vital because Americans pay more for sugar than in other places in the world. Dr. MacReynolds also talked about how the war on drugs targeted poor, African American men.

His speech provided a lot of insightful information. It was interesting to note how the EPA sets a lot of regulations in place which make it difficult for poor people to live. Dr. MacReynolds mentioned that a toaster that would cost 15 dollars ends up costing 65 dollars because of the regulations that are put into place. Companies are able to charge more, and as a result customers pay more.

The most important idea that I took away from this great speech was that it is crucial to get an education. Education informs you, prepares you, and equips you. You must take advantage of the opportunity that you have. Don’t be destroyed for a lack of knowledge- knowledge that is available to you, but that you chose to ignore.

This article was written by Samuel Moore.

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