Come and Worship


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               Something astonishing takes place every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. on the campus of Greensboro College. This amazing event happens in the Hannah Brown Finch Chapel.

This incredible occurrence is Chapel Worship. Every Thursday, Rev. Dr. Robert Brewer has a timely message to lift up the spirits of those that are in attendance. If Rev. Dr. Brewer does not deliver the weekly message, the person that does share a message encourages the audience to think and hear but also to do, which is always important. So, while Chapel Worship is always noteworthy, Chapel Worship on March 24th was extra-special.

This particular March 24th, a Thursday, was called Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday because it was the day before Good Friday. On the first Maundy Thursday before Jesus Christ was tried, beaten, and eventually slain and resurrected, some special events took place. On that Thursday, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.

I find this event interesting because Peter didn’t want Jesus to wash his feet- he felt like Jesus was too important to wash them. However, once Jesus explained what the washing of the feet symbolized, Peter asked Jesus to wash all of him. Peter was a lot like us- he always questioned God when he should have trusted him completely.

On this Thursday, Jesus and his disciples also partook in the Eucharist. During this meal, Jesus gave his disciples a commandment- he told them that they should love one another.

Since our chapel worship isn’t that long, we cannot wash others’ feet or eat the whole Passover meal. However, during each chapel worship service we partake in Holy Eucharist. Jesus told his disciples that they should participate in this holy mystery as often as possible, because when we take communion we remember what He did for us.

Chapel worship happens every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. in the Hannah Brown Finch Chapel. If you give yourself to God, you will receive a word from God to encourage you to continue in the Faith and to keep pressing on toward the Ultimate Prize- an eternity in heaven with God.

You will leave Chapel Worship knowing that your life is meaningful and you have a purpose. I hope to see you there. If you have not attended a Maundy Thursday service, takes place each year on the Thursday before Easter Sunday, you are robbing yourself of a historic, informative event.

This article was written by Samuel Moore.

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