Women’s Soccer Interviews


Women’s soccer season is approaching and The Collegian interviewed some of the players  on our team to ask them about the upcoming season.  We interviewed freshmen Mackayla Kinley and Katia Mezey, sophomore Gabbriel Edinger, and junior Rachel Lemons.

First, we asked them how they felt about the upcoming season. Mackayla and Katia said they loved team bonding. Gabriel and Rachel both said that they enjoy playing for the team, that Coach Mota is really nice, and that there is a lot of good talent and competition this season.

Next, we asked the freshmen about the differences between college and high school practices. Mackayla said that there is a lot of competition in college. Anna said that college practices are very intense and a lot faster paced than what she is used to.

We also asked Rachel and Gabriel how they felt about practices. Gabriel said that practice-wise you get what you need to get done. Rachel said that the team takes it serious in practice and she has a lot of fun playing for the team.

Finally, we asked them how they feel about the upcoming season. Mackayla and Anna said they feel like they will go further in the conference this year. They were nervous but also excited because they will be playing college soccer.  Gabriel and Katia feel good about the upcoming season.

On Thursday, September 1, 2016, come out and support your Greensboro Women’s soccer team for their first game!

This article was written by Alicia Arnett.