New Semester, New Changes to The Collegian’s Website


(Photo Courtesy of Joshua Fitzgerald)

The Fall 2016 semester has finally arrived, and The Collegian’s website has undergone some fascinating changes.

First, the website’s domain name is now We took out the “wordpress” from the name to make it more professional, as well as more accessible and easy to remember. The website is still hosted by WordPress, so we’ve kept the same layout we had last semester—we’ve just made the name quicker to type.

Second, the website features exclusive content, most notably our very own advice column that answers your questions! To get to the column, simply click the “Advice” tab at the top of the webpage. Here you can find archived questions that we’ve answered, as well as a helpful form that lets you submit questions directly from the website. If you don’t feel like using the form, feel free to write to the column at We also plan to post website exclusives throughout the semester, like extra reviews and breaking news, so keep checking for the next several months to see whether or not there is anything new.

Third, the website is going to begin posting the comic Filbert Cartoons by Anthony Labonté. Filbert Cartoons is a witty comic which already enjoys syndication in college newspapers in seven countries, and its creator, a student himself, has a knack for creating strips that resound with college audiences. While the print paper is also going to begin printing Filbert Cartoons, the website will enjoy more frequent updates of the strip. Simply click on the “Comics” tab at the top of the site to find this fascinating look at student life.

Fourth, we’ve got five people (instead of only three from last semester) to help you with any questions that you might have, as well as with any information that you feel could be posted to the site. Feel free to contact:

Amanda Owens (—Co-Editor-in-Chief

Savvy Bowen (—Co-Editor-in-Chief

Wayne Johns (—Faculty Advisor

Joshua Fitzgerald (—Website Editor

Lauren Smith (—Assistant Website Editor

Thank you so much for your viewership last semester—in the month of April alone the website had 532 views and 177 unique visitors, which is impressive for a college our size. We hope that you will continue to find the website interesting this semester!

This article was written by Joshua Fitzgerald

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