Clowns on the Run


(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

Lately with all that has been going on in our state, more drama was created with reported sightings of clowns in the Triad-area. This has also put people on notice and is a serious threat to the community. As of last week, 911 calls in Greensboro about clowns have to be taken seriously. There have been reports of people seeing clowns running into the woods, and trying to lure little kids in with lasers and money.

According to multiple reports, these “clowns” sighting have been getting out of hand so much, to the point that a man has been arrested for faking a 911 call about one. 24 year old David Wayne Armstrong was arrested by Winston Salem Police for fabricating a false police report. The police investigated the issue and could not find enough evidence to determine if this was a serious issue.

In my opinion I think this whole clown situation, has to be somewhat ridiculous. I know there are some crazy people in this world. In a situation like this, when there are other issues at hand not only in this state, but also this country, we can’t have false police reports about things like this.

At the end of the day, people need to realize some of the situations that are going on in this country, and take into consideration what is really important not only for our state, but also our country. Now I may be wrong here, there may actually be some clowns out there, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

(This Article was written by Kris Traveras)