Kattya Guardado

Kattya Guardado is a major in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. She chose this major because ever since she was young she always dreamed of working with law enforcement. Until this day that dream has never faded away.

After her time at Greensboro College, Kattya wants to further her career in law enforcement and become a woman with power. She believes that a woman with power needs to know how to use that power in ways that will help their community become better.

Kattya chose GC because it was close to her home. GC is a small campus which makes it easier for her to communicate with her professors about any questions or concerns she may have. She likes that there is always something occurring on campus. She states that you can never get bored because GC has activities going on constantly.

If Kattya were to give advice to another GC student, she says that you should always ask for help. Always be in constant communication with your professors especially if you do not understand the subject. She also states that success is not always comfortable and you will be put in difficult situations.


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