Luke Butner

Luke Butner is a double major in Biology and Religion with a minor in Humanities and Chemistry. He chose these because he loves biology. When he was in high school, he went to a Stem school where he received a biotechnology degree. Luke also loves to preach and has even given a few sermons. He wanted to learn more about the Bible so that he could connect biology to the Bible. Luke wants to talk about the connections between the Bible and biology that people do not often see.

After college, Luke wants to become a clinical lab technician during the week and be a preacher on the weekends. The main thing he wants to do with his religious degree is to write a book or a series of sermons that connects biology to the Bible.

Luke chose Greensboro College because he followed the money. First, he received a 3-year Army ROTC scholarship to Wake Forest University, which was his dream school at the time. However, he still prayed to God to lead him through the collegian decision process. Unfortunately, his admissions decision from Wake Forest was rejected. However, around the same time, he got accepted to GC with a good scholarship that would pay for most of his college. Also, after applying for the FAFSA, he received additional funds to help pay for the rest of his college. Luke states that he feels so blessed that he is able to enjoy school without having debt: “God is good!”

Luke likes how small GC is. So small, he has come across a few professors who like being called by their first names. Most of the professors are nice and forgiving about many, many things.


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