Breanna Adamick

Breanna Adamick is a major in Liberal Studies in Health Sciences and has a minor in art. Bree came to Greensboro College with a career in mind that the college did not have a major for, so she decided to make her own major. After her freshman year, she switched from a business concentrated-major to a health science one as she became interested in becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

After her time at GC, Bree plans to get into a PTA program at a local community college and obtain her license. She then hopes to find a good company to work for as a PTA all while saving up money incrementally to start some around-the-world travel to a few places she has on her bucket list.

Bree chose GC because the moment she was on tour and walked around campus, she felt like home. The small campus and friendly people she encountered helped solidify her decision beyond the interest she already had in exploring the different academic programs. Additionally, she was intrigued by the liberal studies major and it further proved that GC was the right place to continue her academic career. With GC being a small school, she loves how easy it is to get to know people. She also likes the fact that GC is a local college for her and is in an area that she grew up in and knows well. The long history of the college has been a source of intrgue as well and Bree thinks it is cool to attend a college with such rich history to look back on.

If Bree were to give advice to another GC student, her advice would be the same as what she received when she first came to GC: get involved. She emphasized the importance of not missing out on the fun and good times of college and especially the uniqueness of GC. She said that join clubs and events whenever you can to be with your peers and GC family.

If you would like to contact Bree, email her at:

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