Jemya Lucas

Jemya Lucas is an English major. She chose this major because she enjoys writing and expressing herself. She figured that it would be best for her to pursue something that she is best at.

After college, Jemya plans to become a writer or an editor. Recently, she applied for an editorial internship at Our State Magazine so that she can get more experience in her desired career. If she receives the internship position, she hopes to get a full-time employment position working for Our State.

Jemya chose GC based on her learning style. She likes the small campus feel and knows that she will perform better by attending small classes. The number one thing that Jemya likes about GC is that there are always activities happening around campus every week and that there are many things to engage it.

If Jemya were to give advice to another GC student, her advice would be to always ask for help when needed. With GC being a small school, she said that one-on-one engagement will always be available.

If you would like to get in contact with Jemya, email her at:

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